Introduction of "Intelligent systems lab"

Overview of our research

Our group is working on the development of various kinds of intelligent systems. Our definition of the "intelligent system" is the system (or machine) that can recognize its surrounding environment, communicate with people naturally, learn (adapt) and think. Another important feature of the systems is that they work robustly in the real environment. We belive that these systems help and enrich our everyday life. We study some basic algorithms (signal processing technology) to design these sytems as well. The other avenue of our research is to pursuit the real human-like intelligence. Here is the question we’re trying to answer. What is intelligence anyway? Dictionary says “the ability to learn, understand, and think about things”. So, what are they? What is involved in learning, understanding and thinking? Right now no one can answer to these questions perfectly. None of current state of the art technology realizes such functionalities in the real sense. For example pattern recognition (e.g. speech recognition) just returns the label of the pattern that is closest to the input one (waveform). Does the recognizer understand? No, not at all. The label does mean nothing for the system as long as it is given by human programmer. It seems that these problems lead to the hard problem concerning “qualia”. Anyway, we take cognitive approach, which tries to mimic the human’s way of processing for the first step of the development of real intelligent machines. We hope we can get closer to the human intelligence from the engineering aspect benefiting from the powers of both neuroscience and cognitive science.

"You," your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules. As Lewis Carroll's Alice might have phrased it: "you're nothing but a pack of neurons.  ―Francis Crick

Research topics

In order to develop various kinds of intelligent systems, we are conducting research on basic theory for information processing, novel algorithms and system integrations. Followings are some examples of our research projects.

cognitive (conscious) machine
mind reading system
language acquisition by robot
unsupervised on-line learning
human behavior prediction systems
schema based computer vision & audition

Please see "Research projects" for more details.


Intelligent systems, machine learning, patern recognition, signal processing, intelligent robotics, developmental robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, computer audition,cognitive science, brain science, cognitive development, cognitive linguistics, and more ...

Research groups

We think that four areas such as brain (machine learning), body (robotics), perception (signal processing), and system integrations are very important for the intelligent systems research. Our group is devided into three sub-groups as in the left figure to reach our goals.


We are living with huge number of machines and it is even impossible to think of living without them. Machines are going to grow and the most important thing for the machines is "intelligence". The strong link among control, interface and "true intelligence" opens a lot of doors for machines. We belive that the dissemination of domestic robots depends on the "intelligence" that robots have.


HONDA Research Institute Japan (HRI)


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