Welcome to "Intelligent Systems Laboratory" (NAGAI Lab) ! (Japanese page is here)
We belong to Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications.

We are interested in various intelligent systems including humanoid robots

Our group is working on the development of intelligent systems that can recognize their surrounding environments, communicate with people naturally, learn (adapt) and think. We believe that these systems help and enrich our everyday life.

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Team Kara@ge++ (RoboCup@Home project)

In our group, a project team called "team Kara@ge++" is formed to participate in the RoboCup @Home league. The team develops a humanoid robot platform "DiGORO". The team is also involved in many activites like demonstrations of the robot at exhibitions.

More (go to Kara@ge++/DiGORO's page in Japanese)


We recieved two honourable-mention prizes at the RTM contest 2013(SI2013).
Certificate, Result page
Scenery from Q&A, HP of our developed RTCs


Ms. Hieida (B4) presented her selected paper at HAI 2013.
HAI2013 program, paper


Open lab. on the UEC open campus day.


We organized a session "Symbol emergence in robotics and data engineering robotics" at SSI 2013. SSI2013 OS


LiPRO (walking hand in hand demo at the iREX) was reported on the niconico Live !
video (wmv 32.9MB)


Our paper on multi-layered MLDA recieved IROS 2013 CoTeSys Best Paper Award Finalist. Certificate


Our group presented 4 papers in IROS2013.
IROS2013 Authors page


Our paper on online concept learning by robots recieved "RSJ Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award".
CertificateCommemorative medalPhoto


We organized the session "Probabilistic robotics" at RSJ 2013. The invited talk was on Bayesian Linguistics by Dr.Aso (AIST).
Session details (in Japanese)

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