Welcome to "Intelligent Systems Laboratory" (NAGAI Lab) ! (Japanese page is here)
We belong to Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications.

We are interested in various intelligent systems including humanoid robots

Our group is working on the development of intelligent systems that can recognize their surrounding environments, communicate with people naturally, learn (adapt) and think. We believe that these systems help and enrich our everyday life.

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CREST COLLABORATION Project (2015 - 2020)

COLLABORATION project is a research project funded by JST CREST (strategic basic research programs). The project is based on the idea of "Symbol emergnece in robotics". Prof. Nagai works as the leader of this ambitious project.

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Cognitive Interaction Design (2014 - 2018)

Cognitive Interaction Design (CID) is a big project supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (MEXT & JSPS). Prof. Nagai is the leader of the project "Cognitive analysis and modeling of child-adult interaction" (A02 group).

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Team Kara@ge++ (RoboCup@Home project)

In our group, a project team called "team Kara@ge++" is formed to participate in the RoboCup @Home league. The team develops a humanoid robot platform "DiGORO". The team is also involved in many activites like demonstrations of the robot at exhibitions.

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ChiCaRo (Child Care Robot Project)

ChiCaRo, developed by the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Electronic Communications in Tokyo, uses a video chat interface to allow a faraway relative or family friend to play with a child while parents are busy.

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Mr.Aoki, Ms.Hieida, and Mr.Otuska took part in the radio program "J-WAVE HANGOUT".
J-WAVE HANGOUT archive (YouTube)


Our laboratory moved to #401 and #403 East 9th buliding. Campus map (building 16 in the map)


Kara@ge++ won 3rd place at RoboCup Japan Open @Home open platform league.
Certificate (finalist award), Certificate (3rd place)


ChiCaRo has been exhibitted at "Robotics X Future 2016". Robotics X Future 2016
Sankei News


Nikkei shinbun reported our research project on symbol emergence in robotics.


Prof. Nagai had an invited talk at nico nico conference β (100 series of research).
nico nico conference β


Team ChiCaRo won the Special Jury Prize at NEDO TCP.
UEC award's page,
TCP's page


Kara@ge++ (with RMF) won 1st palces on two classes, and 2nd palce for the overall in Intelligent Home Robotics Challenge 2015. iHR Challenge HP,


Kick-off symposium of the CREST project (Collaboration project) has been broadcated by niconico.

nico nama's page,

ChiCaRo project has been selected in the JST's START program (Dr. Abe is the team leader).
JST START's page

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